What Families are Saying...

"After not sleeping for 10 months with my first born, I thought for sure I knew how to sleep train my 2nd one much earlier. Not exactly! By 4 months, I was getti...ng up 5-6x a night and had to get up at 5 am every morning to work a 9 hour work day. I knew what I needed to do (I'm one of those moms who researches everything), but I didn't know how to get there on my own. I was giving in too often and had too many questions when the schedule was off. I immediately responded to Lesley when she was looking for a family to help during her training! Let me tell you, Lesley is the best! She developed a plan for us that I was able to stick to. We talked every day and had to modify a few things here and there due to our hectic schedule, but by the end of 2 weeks, he was sleeping all night with only 1 feed that I wanted to keep. Lesley was the positive energy I needed each day to push forward when I wanted to give up at 2am. She was so pleasant to work with and quick to respond each day to my questions. I can't recommend her enough to all the tired mom's out there! Give her a try!"

- Emma

"I have had a great deal of stress trying to sleep train my 19 month old over the past months. He was sleeping with us and I wasn't sleeping at all. I was exhausted. I resolved that I would sleep train him as soon as summer break started (I am a teacher). It wasn't going well. Then I met Lesley Mancuso who is studying to become a certified sleep specialist. My life changed! She gave me options, told me why what I was previously doing wasn't working and what would work best for my son. After she drew up a sleep plan she offered support and advice. And tonight, for the first time, I laid my son in his crib, stepped out into the hall, he whined for a few short seconds and went to sleep. It took two weeks to get here but we are here. Bedtimes are easy now, he walks to his crib and waits to be put in. And he does the same for his naps. Those struggling with sleep I highly recommend working with Lesley. But you have to be strong and stick with t he plan. There were tears in the beginning but it went away quick. It was so worth it!"