Little Extras, Y'all!

Expecting Parents and Newborns (birth to 4 months) $125

  • 60 minute phone consultation to discuss what to expect the first 4 months
  • Education on safe sleep practices and how to create a safe sleep environment
  • Tips on how to establish a healthy sleep foundation from day 1 to prevent future sleep challenges
  • 2 days of email to be used before the child's first birthday

Returning Clients/Additional Support

  • 3 day email support or 60 minute phone call (can be divided into 2 or 3 phone calls) $75
  • Each additional week of follow-up support (recommended for more gradual training methods) $100

Need Help Now! $40

  • If you just have a few questions about sleep expectations, how to handle a transition, or how to get your healthy sleep back on track after vacation, illness, or some other lifestyle change
  • 1 day of email support
  • Does not include a customized sleep plan
  • Does not include follow-up support